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Credentials & Approvals:

Building Services Authority Queensland (BSA)

In Queensland, it is a mandatory requirement under the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 that all fire protection systems, installations and fire fighting equipment be maintained in compliance with the relevant Australian Standard, that currently being AS 1851 2005 Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment.

EVERSAFE Fire & Safety is fully licenced to perform Inspection, Testing, Installation, Repair and importantly Certification across a wide range of Portable and Fixed Fire Protection Equipment. For full details of our current licences, please visit www.bsa.qld.gov.au and enter our licence number 745658 under Licence Search.

Quality Management System

qaEvery supplier will tell its customers that it only provides quality products and services but how many can actually back that statement up. EVERSAFE is fully accredited by SAI Global as a Quality Endorsed Company in accordance with Australian and International Standard AS / ISO 9001. Recently upgraded to the 2008 version compliance of this Standard, EVERSAFE is not only committed to the provision of only the highest quality products and services, we can verify our commitment.

SAI Global Endorsement Number: QEC14358


aust_standPortable Fire Fighting Products supplied by EVERSAFE Fire & Safety are manufactured under the strict guidelines laid down under Australian Standard AS 1841 and are produced either by our overseas associated company, Eversafe Extinguisher or are fully assembled at our manufacturing and service facility at Morningside in Queensland. EVERSAFE products are designed for our harsh Australian conditions, to offer a long, cost effective service life, are fit for purpose and to provide the highest quality.
SAI Global Endorsement Numbers: SMK02451 SMK02451 SMK02454


nfia Association Memberships

EVERSAFE Fire & Safety is proud of its association with the Fire Protection Association Australia and the National Fire Industry Association and is a signatory to the Fire Protection Association Australia Code of Practice.





Eversafe sponsors the Winner of the 2012 IRB Series. For more info click here.

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